For Parents Families – support and information for parents across the region.  Courses and information packages, information on counselling, legal and children’s services.

Internet /Personal safety – not for profit charity to promote internet safety – support families and the community through education, counselling, engagement, promotion and political advocacy. – Australia Government, Office of the eSafety Commissioner. –  where parents can learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use.  Here you can find guidance for using safety settings on your family’s web-connected devices, tips for choosing movies and games and strategies for keeping young people safe online. – simple, easy to understand advice on how to protect yourself online as well as up-to-date information on the latest online threats/scams and how to respond. – Australia’s first (and only) nationally delivered crime prevention program.  Partnership between Police, Microsoft, Commonwealth Bank and Community organisations. – Free downloadable resources and factsheets – Resources designed to help parents guide their children on technology use at differing ages. –  report crime information in SA anonymously online or via phone, current campaign information.

Other– tips & info for parents (like you!) who want to help their children thrive. You’ll also find links to resources and Parentline support services across the country. – Beyond Blue site designed for youth. Connect with others, have your say, free online BRAVE program. – helping parents support their teenagers through everyday issues and tough times. – free helpful resources for parents to use when talking to their teens about various issues – Support for young people with cancer and support for the young person with a parent/sibling with cancer.